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The Scholarship Essentials ebook provides an inside look into where to find scholarships and how to simplify the scholarship search process. The book contains the top websites to find scholarships and ways to access over $2 Billion in scholarship money.

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    Queenstar Akrong

    Founder & CEO,

    No Debt Degree

    Who am I?

    Years ago, I was a broke college student working 4 jobs just to find money to pay for college. I had spent numerous hours searching for scholarships with no luck and I was EXHAUSTED and TIRED of not knowing how to find and win scholarships.

    By the time I graduated college, it was too late. I was already over $50k in student debt. So, after ten years of working in education and paying off my student loans, I launched the No Debt Degree program because I wanted scholarship information to be accessible to all students. Especially first-generation students who may not even know how to get started. I'm excited to have you on this journey!

    What will you learn?

    • The best websites I use to find scholarships for my students
    • Practical tips to simplify the confusing college scholarship process
    • How to structure your scholarship search to determine how much money you need for scholarships